We are “Error 404”, Waverly High School’s robotics team. Our team currently consists of 48 members, 18 mentors, and 2 coaches. Thanks to our abundance of mentors, we have learned a variety of skills and hope their continued aid and experience will help further our success as a team.

In our first robotics season(2017-2018), we were the highest ranked rookie team in our division at the worldwide competition level. We were also awarded the Rookie All Star Award at the state and district levels of the competition. Last season, we accomplished many of our goals, but this year we plan to accomplish even more, driven to not only reached our heights of the previous season, but surpass them.

To better distinguish our team from the others, we have recently started a podcast. Our podcast conducts interviews with members and mentors, asking about their roles and influences on the team. If you want to hear the podcast you can go to the podcast tab  on our site or click HERE and tune in!

Error 404 plans to utilize our camaraderie, teamwork, and willpower to innovate and be the greatest robotics team we can be, a team like no other.

If you want to learn more about the competition or watch us live as we compete, click HERE

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