FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team 7226, Error 404, was established in 2017 by 17 Waverly High School students and eight teachers and mentors. From that starting group, Error 404 has shown tremendous growth; adding an additional 31 members and one mentor in our second year, and has now blossomed into having over 50 active team members with the assistance of 20 mentors and two coaches.

Error 404 has created a culture of growth and encouragement that enables students to get a jump start on future STEAM jobs and gives them valuable experiences. We provide opportunities to learn technical skills like engineering, math, and CAD from engineers and college mentors. Our business and marketing team works with industry professionals to expand our expertise and knowledge. Not only do our students learn professional skills, but many have also developed confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills. Each and every member who attends our meetings contributes to our success and we see how much we can achieve when we are focus and passionate.

Saginaw Valley State Competition 2023